This is my biggest post ever.. :D I haven't made all the interest icons and I will post them in the next post. :}}

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;comments are love
;credit rubber_dick or rubber_dick@caffeine_minds
;*friend us to watch for future updates!
;textless icons are not bases

Affiliates post

I think it's time for a new affiliates post. So.. comment here, if you'd like to affiliate with us. Post 5 icons for preview or tell me, if you want me to choose. Icon communities/journals only! Please leave a link to your affiliates post. :}

You should check them all!!

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add1c7ed's resources here

maag1ty's resources here

rubber_dick's resources here

PS: icons coming soon. xoxo


It's over 400 watchers now! I want to thank you so much, guys.. it really means a lot for me! I know i don't post as often as i(you) want, but i hope i can fix it. :D

As a little thank you..

Just leave a comment, if you want an interest icon! :)


Thank you so so much! :> You are all so sweet (and very fast lol). ♥

tutorial 02

First, thank you all for the comments on my last icon post, you're really awesome!! ♥ It's been a loooong time since my last tutorial and think it's a time for a new one. There are so much coloring tutorials around and i want to make something different. And i don't think i will make a coloring tutorial, because my colorings are mostly 1-2 curves layers and/or 1-2 fill layers so.. i don't think it will be helpful. And the other problem is - i don't save psd's and i cant remember how i made this coloring! But maybe i will post some psd's with the next icon post. :D Sorry if there are any mistakes.. my english is not very good! lol
Lets go to the tutorial. library_of_sex wanted a tutorial for this icon:

;This tutorial does not include a .psd file and please don't ask for it!
;Do not copy/paste!
;Program: Photoshop CS3
;Difficulty: Medium
;*friend us to watch for future updates!

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